Facebook LIVE Session: “The Foreign Investor’s Guide to Romania” launch

Joi, 28 iulie, incepând cu ora 7.30 (GMT+3) InvestRomania lansează Ghidul Investitorului din StrăinătateRomania. Ghidul oferă informații despre profilul macroeconomic al României, facilități fiscale, legislație și oportunități de investiții. https://www.facebook.com/events/331288367203402/


Thursday, July 28th, starting with 7:30 pm (GMT+3), we are excited to invite you to our Facebook Live Session with Manuel Costescu, Secretary of State, InvestRomania. The session is dedicated to the launch of the Foreign Investor’s Guide – Romania and introducing you to the details of the project.

The guide’s purpose is to offer information about the Romanian macroeconomic outlook, fiscal incentives, legislation etc. and about the country’s investment opportunities.

Until then, we are looking forward to your questions on this page, which will receive an answer on Thursday.

„This project is one of the InvestRomania’s priorities, because it is important to provide foreign investors as much relevant information about our country as is needed. Along with the website (www.investromania.gov.ro), the Foreign Investor’s Guide is another step in promoting Romania as a developing destination with potential to create a lot of added value. Therefore, it will be a pleasure to share with you our views and receive your feedback and your questions about the project we have been working on for the past few months on Thursday, starting with 7:30 pm.” Manuel Costescu, Secretary of State, InvestRomania.

Stay tuned and join our Facebook Live Session.

*InvestRomania is a governmental organization, dedicated to providing professional support and advice to foreign investors in Romania. Its purpose is to attract and facilitate foreign direct investment in Romania and support new or existing Romanian companies leverage their capabilities to expand to new markets.



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